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Divorce is a highly stressful experience - especially when children are involved. You need an experienced divorce attorney who can provide steady, aggressive representation focused on you. At the Law Office of Michael Ian Black, we're committed to providing compassionate legal support for our clients in need in New York, NY.

Whether your unique situation is complex and involves many assets of divorce law or is simple and amicable, our divorce attorney has the expertise necessary to serve your needs and meet every expectation. Schedule a consultation today.

Our New York divorce attorneys can assist you with:

Uncontested Divorce

Contested Child Custody and Visitation

Contested Alimony /Maintenance

Separation Agreements

Distribution of Assets Including But Not Limited To, Investments, Pensions, Homes,Vehicles, Bank Accounts, Businesses And Professional Licenses

Contested Divorce Grounds

Contested Child Support Trials

Domestic Violence / Orders of Protection

Pre Nuptial And Post Nuptial Agreements

Post- Divorce: Custody & Visitation Modification, Alimony and Child Support Modification